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    I have topped up using the new app, seems restricted now to £80 across both gas and electric so I added £60 to gas and £20 on electric completed payment and then made additional payment £20 on electric

    so initial payment of £80 gone on but the £20 still not arrived and no records on app or website but it is visible in my online banking this needs addressing tryed customers support phone couldn’t get though

    as for website and iOS app both unfinished nothing seems to work

    not to happy with this forced change over to a service that is incomplete and broken
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    Hi @kev12340

    I'm sorry to hear about the issues you've experienced with the app and the website.

    Whilst we move over your Smart Pay As You Go account, the info you see online and on the app might not show you everything it's supposed to, as we're updating your meter information still in the background.

    It looks like once of your payments may have gotten stuck after topping up, an Energy Specialist has since applied this to your meter so this shouldn't be missing now.

    Please let me know if you need anything else!

    Pete 😊
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    Sounds like you've found a few bugs there. I can't help you get those reported myself, as I'm only a forum volunteer. However, they should still be squashed ideally, so I'll see if I can ask @PeterT_EONNext to jump on them. :)
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