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    It looks like I have fallen foul of the dreaded read schedule bug.

    I was migrated from EON to EON Next in June and the smart meter sent several monthly readings up to 26 December.

    My IHD went blank on 22 January and since then I have spoken to EON Next customer services on a few occasions but as yet no joy in getting reconnected.

    Is there a quick way of getting me reconnected?
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    Nice, so that's a good sign then. As far as I'm aware, a Comms Hub reset should do the trick.

    Ideally though, you won't want to have the meter and Comms Hub removed and I'd like to explain why. Based on all four LEDs being lit, I suspect that you might be the relay point for a bunch of other Mesh connected sites in your area, and they're all relying on your site to get a WAN connection to DCC. If your site disconnects, the others would try to find another relay point, but ideally you'll want to remain part of the Mesh Network where you are.

    I'll see if @PeterT_EONNext can help with some quick fixes, but otherwise this might need an engineer visit.
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    Hey there @Eastminster !

    Please could you show us some photos of your smart meters and IHD? If you could post them in your next reply, that would help me out a lot. Once I have these, I can try to recommend some options.

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    Thanks. This helps a lot. I think I already have a diagnosis, but just to be sure, you should see five LEDs above the electric meter, labelled SW, WAN, MESH, HAN and GAS. Please could you tell me which of those LEDs pulse and how often they do so. This helps to confirm the status of the Comms Hub.

    At the moment, I think you'll need an engineer visit to reset the Comms Hub and set things back up again. This can only be done locally from my understanding - but the LEDs will help me to pick up on other possible faults.
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    Thanks for your help. The first four lights are pulsing every 5 seconds. I do not have gas so I assume that is why the GAS LED doesn't flash.
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    Thanks again. I do recall the engineer who fitted the smart meter saying that my setup would be able to act as a hub for other local customers.

    The telephone customer services people thought I could have my read schedule reinstated remotely, but that it may take several days as the smart meter teams were very busy.
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    Fixing the read schedule is one of the fixes Peter can do. It doesn't take him very long if memory serves. :)
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    Hi @Eastminster -

    I've had a look over your account and can see that your reading schedule has been updated to the 26th - we're working on retrieving readings from your Smart Meter each month.

    There may be a couple of issues here, the main one being the message you can see currently on your IHD 'Waiting for current data'. We've recognised this issue displayed on the IHD being an indication that the DCC has actually lost the connection to your Smart Meters, I understand the lights on your meter are flashing every 5 seconds which is still a good indication that not all communication has been lost.

    This means we can keep sending messages but they may not be reaching your meter if the DCC has lost the "middleman" connection.

    The fix for this is a firmware update from the DCC - We've sent off a request for this to be done but this can take some time and we don't have a timescale for this unfortunately 😔

    For now, please check your account on 27th March to see if a reading appears for the 26th March, if not, we'll continue to send requests to the DCC so that we can retrieve your readings, and get the IHD up and running again.

    In the meantime, please leave the IHD plugged in and switched on, preferably as close to your electricity meter as possible. Once the DCC has issued the update needed, this will kick in and start showing your usage again.

    I'm sorry, this is all I can say on this at this moment in time.

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    Thanks for this update. I will keep an eye out on 26th March.

    In the meantime, should I submit a meter reading just before 26th March to avoid E.ON Next estimating the reading for my March 26th monthly bill?