Gas meter not sending readings

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    Wondering if anyone can help!

    Moved into our property in November - the first bill we had, the interim one from change of ownership had both Gas and Electricity charges on the bill.

    Since then, all of the bills have only included Electricity.

    Called up and was told this was normal when moving house and that the Gas Meter would start submitting readings within a number of weeks and for now we were to use an estimate... (we can't actually get to our meter to give actual readings) the bills are still only showing electric useage!

    The estimates are really high, and are for a lot more than what is being used - as per the smart meter display.

    Any ideas how to fix?

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    Hi @CloudiaMayor .

    It sounds like you were given bad advice. Instead of being told to rely on estimates, you should have been advised to submit manual gas readings until the gas meter started to submit properly. I'll flag this up with a moderator and ask them to feed it back. While I'm at it, I suspect there's another read schedule issue here so I'll ask @PeterT_EONNext to stop by for that as well.

    In the meantime, please submit manual gas readings if possible, as this will help to get things back on track. Don't worry if you can't though, as if it ever submits smart readings again, it'll automatically fix almost everything you're describing here. If you'd like to have Daily or Half-Hourly readings, please feel free to mention that here and I'll ask Peter to apply it for you as well.
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    Hi @CloudiaMayor Welcome to the Community 😄

    It looks like everything is set up correctly for us to take the readings automatically from your gas but we're having trouble with this.

    I see you mentioned that you're not able to get to your gas meter, where is this, and why can't you access this?

    If the gas meter is obstructed in any way, the gas can't communicate its readings to the electricity meter, so the communications hub located with the electricity meter can then send both onto us.

    Thanks - Pete 😊
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