3-phase Smart Meter installs in UK - when will they happen?

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    Hi @Tarja1 ,

    There are a handful of suppliers I know of who are capable of installing 3-phase meters. Mostly the former Big 6 but other smaller ones are also capable. I'm with OVO myself and have confirmation from them that they're able to do three-phase meter upgrades for about Β£325. It's not just businesses that have them either, some homes do now. It's more of a case that half the industry is slow to catch up and many still consider three-phase to be a business thing.

    You'll need to switch supplier in order to get this work done in any realistic timeframe. I will leave it to you to decide who to go to.
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    Hi Deb, I’m an EonNext customer seeking a 3 phase meter. How do I find out if you’re fitting in my area please?
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    Morning @Wadamson,

    Its great to see that you are interested in getting one! To know more please drop our team a message on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with your account info and they will get you sorted out if they can do πŸ˜‹.
    Have a lovely day!
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    @Wadamson hey welcome to the community, it's lovely to have you here!

    I've tried to locate your account using your email address however it doesn't seem to be associated with your account on our system if you contact our energy specialists with your account details though they will be able to check your eligibility for you, if you need our contact details you can find them here: How to Contact us
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    @Tarja1 Good afternoon! Anasa here one of The Community members! a big welcome to forum! πŸ‘‹ I'm so sorry to hear that you've not been able to get your solar panels connected after such a huge investment so thank you very much for your patience.

    As you can see from the above replies we've not got much information to go on at the moment, we know that we're working on installing them in some areas and could do with a bit of an up date as to what is happening as we know about as much as we've said already so I've reached out for some further information for you and will be back as soon as I have any news/update for you - you've not been forgotten πŸ™‚
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    I have just installed a 55kW PV array on my land I use about 35% for my domestic use (I have a large house) about 25% for my business, and the rest goes back into the grid (for free!). I have a 3 phase supply, live in Scottish Borders, an import MPAN (no export MPAN), but no smart meter. Please advise me who can provide the appropriate meter since without it I am unable to arrange for the sale of this excess power. Many thanks.
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    Based upon previous posts in @TriMike you might well be waiting a very long time for eon-next.
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    @Andy65 Thanks. It does seem unfair that people like myself who have invested in a PV array (55kW in my case) and have been put on a 3 phase supply some years ago due to our high useage (we have a large house), are now unable to export our excess green energy for a modest return. At the moment I am β€˜giving back to the grid’ some 30 mW a year for free!!
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    55kW PV Array huh? Erm... That might be a bit too powerful for the Smart Export Guarantee. I'll check with the community moderators.

    It's possible​​​​​​​ you may need to use a different scheme, but I can't say for sure.
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    Ok, having discussed this one with the community moderators @TriMike , I've arranged for @Beki_EONNext to forward this thread to an internal team for review. Depending on how much you're exporting and how big the system is can affect the outcome. Please hang in there for now as this may take a while.