electricity meter key didnt put money onto meter

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    yesterday i bought £90 of electric on my key. however when i put it into the machine, it initially read error, then when i took it out and tried again it read no money on the key. what should be my next course of action? i still have reciepts confirming the purchase
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    Hiya @robert502,

    Whoops, that doesn't sound right. I suspect there's a possible fault with your electric key, so you'll probably need to replace it. Please call customer service and ask for a TAG Code so you can pick up a new key and make sure to also request a refund for the lost credit. If it never transferred over properly, you are entitled to a full refund of it.

    Once you have the TAG Code, please wait for one hour, then head to a top-up shop and ask for an electric key - you'll need to give the TAG Code to the shop assistant at this point. Once it's been given to you, please DO NOT top-up yet! You'll need to head home and pop the new key in your meter for about two minutes or so. As long as you don't get an error, the new key should now be registered and you can start using it immediately afterwards. Feel free to head back to the shop and do another top-up at this point if you're low on credit.

    Hope this helps. If you keep getting issues, please stop by here again and let me know what the error codes are that you're getting.
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