Eon/Eon Next instructions on how to read smart meters including gas

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    I noted that Eon doesn't include comprehensive instructions on how to read smart meters manually from the testimony based on someone's experience here

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    Ah ha ha, well that's where it gets tricky. I can't do a one size fits all guide because E.On and E.On Next have changed meter brands repeatedly over the years. I know the instructions for most of the meter brands out there, but I'd have to basically create a giant guide for literally every meter brand ever if I wanted to guarantee 100% coverage... Which isn't really a good use of my time. I work better responding to demand though, so I'm always happy to provide individual instructions on request.

    I'm also working with my friend Blastoise186 to build up an archive of them in his private Confluence instance. We can't make it public directly for various reasons, but it does at least make it easy for both of us to retrieve info for the ones we've encountered before.
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