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    I'm a business customer, is it possible to have a VAT reduction? I pay 20% and was told I should only be paying 5%?

    Also are there any other charity discounts available? Obviously with these soaring costs we're all finding it difficult. But we've got animals that need dedicated heat etc. Already we're paying over £1000 a month. :(
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    Hi @nhhc,

    I'm theunknowntech and I'm a forum volunteer here. Just so you're aware, I can't access your account or make any changes and the advice I give is based on my personal knowledge.

    If you're paying the wrong VAT rates I'd definitely advise flagging that with customer service. If it turns out you should be on 5% VAT, that can be corrected and a refund issued to reimburse you for the losses. If your charity is registered for VAT though, you might be able to get some of it back that way instead. Please make sure not to claim back the VAT via both routes though, as that might cause issues for you later.

    As for charity discounts, I've never actually seen any energy supplier in the UK offer them at all I'm afraid. It's very difficult to offer them at the best of times and with the energy market in a seriously poor state right now, it would likely be impossible. The best alternative I can recommend would be to make sure you're on the cheapest possible tariff and consider shopping around, just in case there's another option elsewhere that might work out better off for you.
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    Hey @nhhc 👋

    I know it's been a while ago but wanted to check in to see if you did have a conversation with one of our Energy Specialists? If so, how did it go?
    You're welcome to share any feedback 😊

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