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    Hi, been waiting 3 and a half months now to get prepayment meters changed to credit....anyone else been waiting this long?
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    Hey there! It's Beki here!

    I wondered if you have spoken to us about changing your prepayment meter to a credit meter? As at this moment in time we are only changing prepayment meters to credit meters in exceptional circumstances - vulnerable customers being one of those reasons.

    If you have had this conversation with us, then we will be able to book a meter appointment for this to happen, which is around a 6 week wait.

    If you have any questions or just need some friendly advice in regards to your energy account, please pop me a message and I'll be more than happy to help. 😊
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    Hi, I emailed you on 31st December to let you know I was moving this Friday (14th) I haven't had any response.
    I contacted the Facebook chat to explain that the house we are moving to has a prepaid meter (very 70's) for gas and electricity.
    We do not want the prepaid meters and wish to pay monthly as we do now with you.
    I was told yesterday that "I would have to put up with it" as you can't change the meters to credit meters.
    We are already your customer, you supply both gas and electricity on a monthly basis, we are in credit with you so why can't you change this for me?
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    I'm theunknowntech, a forum volunteer who travels around. I'm unable to access your account myself as I don't work for E.On, but I can offer advice. Beki just so happens to be online right now, so it's possible she might also Ninja me before I can type this out - I'll edit my post if needed should that happen.

    I just did a quick sweep of the forum and it seems that this is possible, especially if the current meters are that old! Would you be OK with posting some photos of the meters please? I'm curious about them and I'd like to check what kind of top-up method they're using. If it's the kind I think it is, they'll probably need to be replaced anyway.

    As for switching to credit meters, this is possible on a case-by-case basis and is subject to a credit check. As long as everything checks out, a conversion can be looked into and arrangements put in place but it may take a while to do from what I've heard. If there's any debt on the meter from a previous customer, this can be wiped out and will be disregarded when your request to convert is reviewed - you're not responsible for someone else's debts.
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    Hey @Dawnh7, Beki here, but not the ninja Beki today, just normal Community Manager Beki 👋

    We can pop a request through for you, but there is not guarantee that this will be accepted just yet but I am a firm believer of 'if you don't ask you don't get!'
    Do you want to op me a message with your account number, full name and address and I can pass this on to an Energy Specialist in my team to ask the question?

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    Pre Payment Meter Rip Off Has anyone ever managed to get a pre payment meter changed over to a different tariff payable by Direct Debit ? Were you successful in doing this ?
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    @JuShepp Hope you're well! 🤔 There are lots of people that change their Prepayment meter over to credit for lots of different reasons. Sometimes there are reasons why we can't change them over such as if a meter has been installed for debt in the past or if there is a debt still be be paid off.

    Always happy take a look at your account to see if we can change you over to a credit meter 👀. You can contact us online via Facebook/twitter or over the phone during 9am to 5pm Mon - Fri just have your account number and address ready 😊