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    Hi I emailed last Saturday regarding my meter box outside is damaged.

    I arrived home from work last werkend to find my electric box on the side of the house had took at bit of battering with friday night's extreme winds (please see attached image) as you can see the door isn't fixed on properly (cabled tied on by previous owner) and the chip board that the meter an other bits are attached to has rotted away and causing it to fall out only thing that seems to keeping in the box is the box door which is bearly hanging on.

    Any help in resolving this issue would be great

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    Ouch, that looks nasty.

    If I recall correctly, it would be your own responsibility to obtain a new meter box - you can often pick them up pretty cheaply at places like builders merchants. However, your Distribution Network Operator would be happy to work with you and your supplier to get the broken one replaced with the new one once you've got it. Probably best to contact customer service in the first instance, as some DNO's get a bit funny about direct contact.

    While you're there, I'd definitely suggest buying a new meter backboard as well from the same sort of places. Your DNO can then fit that for you. You'll definitely want to get that taken care of!
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    Eek - that doesn't look good! But theunknowntech is right it's actually classed as part of your property so not something we as a supplier can get involved in. If you rent it's well worth reaching out to your landlord but if not you've got some great advice to follow above.

    Hope you get it sorted before the next storm hits 🌬


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    I've been looking into that image more deeply as well. There's basically no way for me to make the image larger on here without right clicking it (such a useful feature!) so I've had to fire up GIMP and used that instead. It's just easier for me to do it that way.

    I'm not too concerned if that particular meter breaks. It's only an S1 L+G E470 after all, and those things are known for being pretty horrible. Shame the storm didn't destroy the thing, since that would have scored you a new smart meter! Oh well. Maybe next time. XD

    My analysis of the image indicates it was also originally installed by British Gas and was using the Centrica WAN as well (probably still is!). Given there's probably no comms to it right now, it won't have alerted anyone to any faults that might have developed due to the storm. In fact, that red light on the comms hub suggests that it has no WAN connection either, predictably. That's what happens when one supplier decides to build their own proprietary WAN that literally no-one else can touch (and is arguably part of the reason SMETS2 completely changed how it all works). However, I do see possible damage below the meter. That earth cable looks a little dodgy to me, so you may want to get that looked at as well, just as a precaution.

    Other than that, I'm not seeing any obvious damage to the equipment. I'd still recommend getting it inspected and checked over anyway (can't be too careful!) just in case the storm caused any hidden damage. But for now... I'd definitely recommend getting that meter box fixed up before it becomes a missile in the next storm.