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    Hi, need your guidance on how to get these done, as E.ON Next just directed me round and round with no clear outcome.

    I have 2 recessed meter boxes (1 for gas and 1 for electricity), flushed to the exterior wall, that are damaged. The E.ON Next's smart meter engineer came and refused to install smart meters for my property, due to the damaged meter boxes; and he said he'll only come back after I sorted out the meter boxes.

    But E.ON Next has affirmed that they will not replace the boxes for me, and they also cannot point to the right direction on how to get these done (but instead directed me to get a local tradesman).

    However their smart meter's engineer has clearly told me that this is not a job of a private tradesman, and needs to contact E.ON Next to get this done properly (for safety concerns).

    Confused... and hence need some advice on the above matter; otherwise, I'll never be able to install the recommended smart meters in my house.
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    Hi @Brev I'm Anasa one of the Community Co-ordinators 😊

    Did you ever get this resolved? 🤔 as its also my understanding that the outside meter box would need to be fixed by yourself/landlord, we are only responsible for the meter itself.

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