How do I go about changing supplier

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    I was moved over from npower and have not been particularly happy with eon . Decided now its time to find a new provider for electricity. My dad payment hasn't been applied yet this month and so instead of waiting they want to increase my monthly payment by 125,% ! Not happy, particularly with the upcoming price rise, which incidentally will increase my monthly payments also by over 100% according to an email they sent

    Never has a problem with npower this is taking the mick!
    Any recommendations of better suppliers appreciated x
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    You don't need to contact E.On about this at all. You can simply sign up with a new supplier of your choice and they'll take care of everything for you. This also includes automatically notifying E.On on your behalf. The closing readings will sent over as well, once you provide opening readings to the new supplier.

    I'm not with E.On at all myself and I'm actually a Forum volunteer from elsewhere. I'm not going to reveal which supplier I use... But my forum signature might be similar on both sides...
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