Problem with gas reading on smart meter

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    I have issue with reading past gas usage on my smart meter.
    it only showing from current day usage.
    ​​​​​​​when i trying to see historical usage it's showing on display "waiting for historical data"
    It's started from 1 September.
    Gas meter readings on my smart meter as well not updating from 01 September.
    I was hear it's worldwide issue on costumer service.
    Do somebody as well have problem with gas usage historical data reading on smart meter.
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    Thanks for the photos.

    Hmm... An unusual configuration there... I don't normally see EDMI electric meters paired with L+G gas meters. The comms appear to be working OK - as you'd otherwise be unable to get your Chameleon IHD3 to pull the MPRN from the gas meter.

    To be honest, I have a massive dislike towards Landis+Gyr. Their meters don't seem to be as reliable as other brands for some reason and this seems to just be yet another example of that. I think what's happening here is that the meter is probably in the middle of a firmware update to fix these issues - but it'll take at least another week or so to fully download the firmware image, install it and reboot into it. But this assumes the firmware update has already been made available and the Gas Proxy in the Comms Hub has already downloaded it from the manufacturer. If that's not happened yet... You might be waiting a while because it takes at least a week to process gas meter firmware upgrades. It can only retrieve a small portion of the update every 30 minutes during the heartbeat, as any faster would drain the battery too quickly.

    Hang in there for now - this should in theory resolve itself eventually.
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    Hey there!

    I can try to figure out possible culprits, but I could do with some photos of your meters and In-Home Display as this helps me to rule out issues that only apply to S1 or S2 meters rather than both generations.

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    Please find photos of smart meter and meters. They told me today on costumer service they have some issues with firmware and that's why is issue with sending and keep in memory archived data about gas usage on smart meter and sending gas readings to eon.
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