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    Joint Account


    Need to add wife to my account. what needs to happen ?
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    Howdy! Just a passing travelling forum volunteer stopping by... Hehehe

    Actually, this question seems to be more about how the process works, rather than requesting it. I can answer this one easy peasy. 🤣 A customer of E.On Next probably could answer it as well under the same context... If there were actually any customers helping out here, which there currently aren't. Just a heads up, I don't use templates or canned replies, so everything I post is hand-written and personalised based on the individual question. It might also be a little more overengineered than it needs to be, but I'd rather answer the question properly on the first try than have to fix my answer later.

    This answer is based on my general knowledge from the supplier I'm actually with, but it's close enough for all of them. If you want to add a second person to your account on the basis of Secondary Contact Financially Liable, this usually has to be done over the phone because verbal consent is needed from both the existing account holder and the person that would like to be added. It cannot usually be done via any other method because there needs to be a call recording with the consent given. Once granted, your contract is modified to include the secondary contact who essentially gets all permissions that you have - and also becomes financially liable for the account in the same way you are (and may require a credit check on their side). If you stop paying the bill and fall into debt while this agreement is in place, you can both be chased for payment, so you should only set this up if you understand and accept the risks.

    However, if you'd rather not have quite as much risk, there's also sometimes the Secondary Contact Non Financially Liable option, which lets the second person do most things on the account, but without being financially liable at all and presents the secondary contact with zero liability and zero responsibility for maintaining the account. It's the safer option if you just need someone to speak on your behalf for example, or if you'd rather not make someone else liable for the bills.

    I hope this helps. I can't make changes to your account, but I can definitely explain how these processes work if you're still unsure.
    Just another guy passing by... The unknown tech way...
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    Morning @pelectricity, thank you so much for taking the time to post on our Community!

    This is a place designed for customers to help each other with their general account / supply queries - unfortunately I don't think another customer will be able to answer this question for you as we'd need to look directly into the account.

    The great news is our wonderful Digital Teams are available on Facebook & Twitter 8am-10pm 7 days a week, so I'd recommend popping us a private message on a platform of your choosing, and we will look into this for you. You can also email us on hi@eonnnext.com and we'll get back to you as quickly as we can!

    If you prefer giving us a ring, our lines are open 9am - 5pm Monday to Friday (although given the bank holiday this weekend the lines aren't open until Tuesday). Home related calls 0808 501 5200 Business related calls 0808 501 5699.

    Hope this helps!

    Beth :)

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