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    I saw your post in May ref 3 phase smart meters now being fitted and I'm confused.

    I was originally with So Energy and after discussions with them they were unable to upgrade my 3 phase analogue meter to a 3 phase smart meter.
    After discussions with one of the sales team at Eonnext in early June (I think the man I spoke to was called Munawar). He seemed extremely professional and knowledgeable and stated if i switch providers to Eon, Eon would fit a 3 phase smart meter.

    I moved to Eon on 28.06.24 and spoke with a member of the sales team on the day of the switch, they told me I would need to wait a few days for the meter readings and my account to be fully switched over/updated. I rang today to book in the smart meter installation and I was told by Lewis in customer service that Eon cannot fit a 3 phase smart meter and that I was previously told the wrong information.

    The question now is who is right and who is wrong? I have incurred an early exit fee from So Energy to switch over to Eon on the false promise of a 3 Phase Smart meter.

    To summarise

    The supply to the house is 3 phase, which is why I need a 3 phase smart meter. Also I can't have an EV tariff without a smart meter and this was the reason I joined Eon in the first place.

    Can you help please?
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    Hey @moschops123, thanks for posting here I just thought that it would be better to chat here rather than DM so that it may help someone else if they come across the same situation 😊

    We certainly do install 3 phase smart so I can only apologise of you were told different, did the energy specialist you spoke to go through any booking criteria with you or did they just say no straight away?

    Also were you installing 3 phase for a specific reason?
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    No booking criteria and no real reason given. The person (Lewis) I spoke with today just basically said that they won't install 3 phase.This is the complete opposite of what I was told by another energy specialist (Munawar) before I chose to join EON.

    I was told that EON would install a SMETS 2 - 3 Phase Smart meter and that I would need to join on a variable tariff initially. Once the SMART installation was done, I would be able to change my tariff to the EV rate to take advantage of cheaper electricity during the night for Electric Vehicle Charging.

    I have had a 3 phase supply in my house for the last 3 years.I have an analogue 3 phase meter already but this is unsuitable for EV.
    I would like a 3 phase smart meter fitted so that I can install a charger for EV charging.

    Its a really frustrating situation, because I can't put an order in for an electric car until this part is sorted.
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    Hey @moschops123 I have had it confirmed by our smart expert that we can book 3 phase for you, however we can't do this if an account is in the process of switching suppliers.

    I've popped you a DM with further information due to GDPR 😊