Account Access via VPN

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    @Mailman it's just our security settings they are high as it ensures that our customer data is protected 😊
    Not at all sure why barring VPN connections is better for data protection at all. From my end not being able to use VPN is worse for my data protection. I can connect to much more important financial sites via VPN (not even from the UK) such as HMRC.

    If Eon Next is concerned so much about customer data why not use 2 factor logons (text to phone/verified email address) that are the norm on quite a few sites now for example HMRC only allowing the customer to 'remember me for 7 days' and for other some sites I have to use this is down to an hour or two max.

    It matters not except that Eon Next is the only 'important' site for me that barrs VPNs.🤔
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    @Mailman I completely get what you're saying it does seem a bit much, however a lot of "scammers" or bots will use VPN so it may be that it's easier to have a blanket stop rather than risking them getting through, I mean I don't know if that's the reason it's just where my thought process takes me! 😊
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