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    I have Smart PAYG gas and electric meters.
    i have an account number for gas and a different account number for electric - I have no idea why they are two separate account numbers. I only moved in a month ago, something to do with how it was set up for the previous tenant I think.

    I only got the gas and electric converted to Smart PAYG a few weeks ago. Before that they were old fashioned key/gas card meters.

    When I logged in to the app for the first time I discovered that I could only see my electric account. I phoned up EON this week to see about switching over to credit meters and pausing by DD, but upon discovering that the rates would be more expensive decided to stay put. I told the lady on the phone that the major reason for me to switch would be the weird situation whereby I could not see the gas account online/in the app.

    She said it was because my email was not on the gas account, added it on and sent a password reset link.

    Now when I log in to the app I get the ‘something is wrong’ message, and instead of being able to just see the electric account I can just see the gas account.

    It seems really very silly that I cannot get the website or the app to show me the other account - I have tried re-registering for the other account number but it doesn’t let me put the full number in (it says it is too long) and doesn’t send me the email it says I aill

    Can anyone suggest anything that might help. It just seems daft that I am going to need to go the shop with a bar code to top up one account!
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    Hey @Kathy246,

    Welcome to the community 😊 Can you check the online account again for me please, I've had a look and managed to log in, it looks like the email address just didn't update when the accounts were linked, but should be working now as I can see your account is active from our side.

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    Hey @Kathy246,

    So glad it's sorted for you 😍 Did you find everything you needed?