Compensation paid for force-fitting of prepayment meters

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    What fair procedures are left to hold to account won't-pay types? For example Lucian has a weed farm in an attic and objects to a prepayment meter being fitted without the permission of the elderly geriatric other occupant whose medicinal needs for weed make him chairbound and penniless. The council recieved all the right forms to register the address as vulnerable and there is a debt of 3000 pounds on the electricity account.

    There must be a fair and proper way to keep the cost of pouring electricity into this hypothetical weed farm off the bad-debts which will go on everyone else's standing charge.

    What is fair and proper ?
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    I think that provided the supplier goes through the procedures correctly the force fitting of a PAYG meter is the correct way to go, along with a gradual recovery of the built up debt- £5 per week seems to be common. Of more concern is the age old moonlight flit leaving a debt that is difficult to recover when you can’t find the miscreant responsible.

    The weed farmer should be locked up.
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