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    Hi folks,

    We've just received our latest statement and our gas bill for the month there is >1000£, which is even more than our annual estimate (~870£). In the statement, I see that our gas meter reading has gone from 2833 on 04/03/24 to 4215 on 29/03/24. That's just impossible, especially since we've been away on holiday for that past week or so and had turned our heating off etc., so we haven't used any gas in that period. What's more interesting is that the latest super high reading of 4215 is marked as a manual reading---but we have a smart meter and have not provided any manual readings at all.

    I'm quite confused as to how this has happened and where they got this manual reading from. We'll be home at the end of this week and I'll check our smart meter then, but in the meantime, I wanted to flag this to them already so they know something is wrong somewhere. I've contacted them via Whatsapp and am waiting to hear back.

    Here's what the statement says:

    • 4.5 units of gas for March 3 to March 4
    • 1381.7 units of gas for March 4 to March 28 (I switched from Net Flex to Next Pledge Tracker)

    The last few meter readings on our account are:

    • 03/02/24: 2716: smart
    • 03/03/24: 2829: smart
    • 04/03/24: 2833: smart
    • 29/03/24: 4215: manual

    Any ideas on what's going on here? How do they get a manual reading?

    Cheers all,
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    This got sorted very very quickly. They replied over whatsapp to say that an agent had inputted the wrong meter reading and corrected it. Our balance is back to <100£, as it should be 👏
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    Hey @smartgas 👋

    Firstly, welcome to the Community!

    I'm so happy to hear it's been sorted. You're welcome to share any feedback you may have.
    Should you have any further questions, about your account or the community don't be afraid to ask. We're always happy to help 🤗

    Hope to hear more from you again soon. Have a lovely day 🌞
    Knowledge is power, community is strength, and positive attitude is everything 💜