February 2024 EON Next Community Highlights

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    Hey everyone!

    New month, means new topics for discussion but firstly let's take a look at last month as February was definitely a busy one!

    Starting with @Lee_EONNext post about his experience My Life with an EV - 5 months in 🔌 it was one of the top and ongoing discussions currently happening within the community.

    We then had a price cap update for April 2024, with @DebF_EONNext showing us everything we need to know and how we can get support 💟 and @meldrewreborn one of our most valued members also posted some helpful information one being Maximum price cap payment for each area.

    All things Smart 💡

    This is still a talking point within the community - you may have noticed the team sharing our smart meter customer testimonials such as how a smart meters can be beneficial to help better manage usage and save money. If you've not seen them - pop over on our Smart Home section

    @Han_EONNext did a lovely post about flowers and their environmental impact!💐 and what can we do about this? It's a really interesting topic with some great advice! Especially how locally grown seasonal blooms would be your go to choice which can not only reduce the water footprint of your bunch, but supports local farmers and reduces transportation emissions too! Its a good read over in our Conversation Corner.

    In other news...📰 Let's give ourselves a round of applause 👏

    As the energy expert, Martin Lewis gave a resounding thumbs up to our E.ON Next Pledge Tariff on his ITV show! Calling it a 'no brainer' and 'the only tariff worth looking at' now that's amazing! 🌟

    We started March off with International unplug day and a little challenge this weekend to try and save more energy! If you took part we'd love to know how much you saved! We'll share a team update also!


    We appreciate every single one of our members and everything you do for the community, it's always important to us we continue to listen and take on board any feedback and suggestions so keep them coming!

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