Total spend/usage for last 12 months or a calendar year?

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    Is there somewhere in E-on where I can view/download:
    - total actual spend (not Direct Debit total) for a calendar year
    - total actual spend (not Direct Debit total) for last 12 months
    - total usage for a calendar year
    - total usage for last 12 months

    It seems such a simple and useful request that I suspect it won't be available (based on experiences of big organisations providing a 'service').

    I could sit there with a dozen bills and and work it out as a last resort.

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    Afternoon @CVCLT I'm afraid answer to first 2 questions is no. Going off online account and bills is only real way.
    Answer to the other 2 questions is yes it is possible by downloading information the CSV file via or if you use Hildebrand Bright app via
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    @CVCLT I've just tried an experiment. If you are au fait with a spreadsheet and are happy to do a quick bit of cutting and pasting. It's possible to do what you require from the online transactions section of your account.
    Just done mine and took about 5mins ish.
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    The problem being not everyone wants this data, and if they did want some of it, they would want it in a slightly different form. To answer your first 2 questions you could take your account balance at any point in time, add on any direct debit payments and then subtract your end point balance, the result would be your spend over the designated time period.

    Electricity usage is easy -its the difference between any two accurate readings. For gas you could take the difference in readings an then multiply that by a conversion factor to give kWh. My meter is imperial so I use 31.6, for metric meters that would be 11.24. This would not give you a truly accurate figure as the gas calorific value wanders over time but for most people it would be close enough.

    I only really track consumption, it the thing i have some degree of control over. But I also calculate my rolling 12 month consumption , particularly of gas, and i find it interesting how much the rolling figure varies over time due primarily to the weather,which i can't control, but a factor which one Kier Starmer claims he will get ahead of!
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    I could sit there with a dozen bills and and work it out as a last resort.

    If you have submitted regular reads (manual or smart but NOT estimated) and been billed accurately then you could spend a little time setting up your own spreadsheet via the information culled from the statements or from the 3rd party sites mentioned (setting up the data to suit your preferences) and then after that the spreadsheet almost looks after itself with addditional rows being created on the generation of the statement after the monthly read submission. Yes, it might take some initial effort but at least it is something you are in total control of, will work irrespective of the supplier you are with and require as much input as you wish to put in.

    So in 6 days time my meters get read automatically and I get the statement shortly thereafter. I check that the read I see on the meters and have recorded (via the IHD) tallies with the read on the statement generated (always has been so far!). The statement gives me the precise CV gas value and I can then reconcile the kWh for both utilities that the statement tells me I have used (always has been so far again). I do monitor the daily kWh usage numbers and let 'the spreadsheet' work out likely kWh usage and £ cost for the next statement (rather than relying the IHD to tell me any costs) - these numbers obviously firm up as the month progresses.