What is a Smart Meter?

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    We had a Smart Meter installed in November which apparently couldn't connect to DCC as there was no coverage in the area according to 'Metering' at Eon.

    Apparently the test for if you are connected to DCC is if the 3 lights, SW, Software. WAN, Wide Area Network. and MESH, as it says. are flashing in sync every 5 seconds.

    Yesterday they we flashing every 2 seconds or so which means trying to connect.

    As it appears the meter is on a TOU tariff, Time Of Use? I called Eon this morning to see if we could get an economy 7 tariff, to be told by a very nice lady she thought so but would have to get advice. This would be useful as we have Solar/battery and an EV.

    She asked me to check the meter and send photos, so whilst poking at the keypad I was given an option to 'Enter Commissioning', well, if in Rome etc.

    The first test was Test Switch, which promptly plunged the house into darkness! A minute or so later power was restored. The next was Join HAN, which ran but didn't succeed as the unhelpful installed didn't leave an IHD. The next was Autojoin WAN, Y or N, Y obviously, and after a few minutes all three lights are now in sync!

    Does this mean we have joined all you out there with a Smart Meter, or am I just being played? Have a look at this link and if you are a Smart person does yours look like this?

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    Now your lights are flashing correctly, you can see whether or not your meter has indeed joined the 'smart world' by running the Citizens Advice smart meter checker.


    If you don't have an IHD but your meter is otherwise 'smart', you can download an app onto your phone from Bright or Hugo to allow you to access data from your meter.

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