Can my partner use their card for online payments?

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    I am due to have smart meter pay as you go fitted in new year.
    I signed up last week after seeing ads for getting up to £150 off bills. I was told i would be fined if I didnt keep appointment and was ok with that but less than 5 minutes after call ended EON phoned back to say no appointment in Dec and only January available so no bonus for signing up as deal ends in 31st Dec.

    Not too happy about that.....
    My question is

    I sometimes have trouble getting to topup in store. Can my partner use their card to top up online for me? They are a little worried about registering their card and deductions or other monies being taken without their permission, Can and will this happen?
    Thx in advance
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    Making payments online for smart PAYG uses Worldpay and you can use any card you like as long as it is valid. Card details are only used for each individual transaction and are not stored by either Worldpay or E.On Next 👍
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