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    Good morning - Properly a question tailored to the community who have all electric heating.

    Last year April 2022 I purchased a two bedroom flat which came with Adax Panel WiFi Heaters in every room i.e open plan living room, both bedrooms and hallway. At the time I believed they were great as I could control the heaters individually and also program a schedule (bonus they also look ascetically nice).

    However fast forward to now and my thoughts on these have changed a bit primarily due to the increased costs of electricity. They do work well but I don't think they are as great for distributing heat well as I do have quite large rooms.

    More importantly they don't retain heat a traditional like an oil/ceramic radiator would which would keep a room warm for while even after bing switched off.

    So I am thinking of replacing them for a more 'conventional' type of wall heater and wanted to find out if the community had any recommendations?

    I do have some portable oil heaters which do a good job with keeping a room warm and are cost efficient but if anyone has advice on wall mounted variations I am all ears.

    They dont need to necassirly be 'smart' as I could control the units with smart plugs and program a schedule.

    Just for clarity I live in a converted house which has 2 floors (I am on-top). Also I had to repair the floorboards in the attic so while doing that had extra quality insulation topper added.

    I realise this is a mouthful but I wanted to give as much context as possible. Can always give more if needed.

    Thanks for reading.

    For reference I am on the Next Pledge Tracker 12m V2:Day rate - 35.55 p/kWh
    Night rate - 12.25 p/kWh
    Standing charge - 49.69 p/day
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    Hey @wycombe-wanderer 👋

    Firstly welcome to the community! It's so lovely to have you here.

    You've raised some really good questions, there are a number of different types of heaters which can make it a little difficult to know which is going to be best suited to you.

    I know it's been a while but did you manage to find an alternative? Let us know! We'd love to hear more 💜

    If not, let's talk more about it now, personally I think it depends on a lot of factors, firstly to do with the room, to then know what may be best. Are the rooms well insulated or do you notice there is a lot of draft?
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    How much electricity do you consume? I'm presuming that the walls are not that well insulated and therefore your bill will be a tad heavy.

    In an all electric flat I'd recommend thermostatically controlled storage radiators - the thermostatic bit is very important. I don't know if wall mounting is possible but I personally wouldn't let that be the deciding factor.
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    The 'state of the art' for wall-hung thermostatic storage radiators seem to be the offerings from Fischer Heat. I'm sure that Dimplex probably offer alternatives.
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