Smart meter not showing electricity and having to give app readings

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    I recently moved into a new property. The property has a smart meter and I instructed Eon to take over my gas and electric from another supplier that the old owners used.

    There is a smart meter in this property but it only shows gas readings. I have since contacted Eon and they said that they would transfer this to the relevant department to solve. i still have no electricity icon on the meter.

    Nevertheless I was able to give a reading over the phone from the electricity meter to an Eon person of 00287 on the 5th September. They calculated a bill from the day I moved into the house 17th August and it came to £16 for electricity use. So, £16 roughly for 19 days since the last owners submitted the read before vacating the house.

    Today I decided to submit, using the app, a fresh electricity read (353) on the app. I tried a number of digits, 353, 00353 etc.

    On the previous statement given on the phone it reads 287.0

    Regardless of the 353 entered (increase of 66) the app informs me this is extremely high?

    i tried on the eon website - same warning?

    Understandably an increase of 66 units would be right because I'm now living in the property.

    But why is the app and online saying this is high?

    Can anyone help?

    Tried calling Eon, they are closed.
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    Afternoon. You are probably going to have to contact Customer Services as they will be able to look at your account. If you have either WhatsApp or Twitter (now called X). You can contact them 24/7. Please bear in mind you may not get an immediate reply as it depends how busy they are.

    Ways to contact Customer Services in the purple area at the bottom of the web page.
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    Several different issues here. The communications hub is connecting to your in home display but the electrify meter isn’t. From the low level of the reading I assume the meter is quite new. As you are having to submit readings I’m guessing that it’s not fully set up with eon. Incidentally has your switch actually been confined? It seems like it has as you have an eon account. Theoretically your meters should send their readings to eon without your involvement, once the switch is fully complete, which it seems it currently isn’t. Consumption of around 4-6 kWH per day would be normal. They may be saying it’s high in comparison to what has been reported previously, which in reality is a very thin sample.
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    @Stu Hello 👋 It's great to have you here! I can see you've had some fab advise so far! Jut wondering where you able to get in touch with one of our Energy Specialists about this? If so how did it go? 😊
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