Repayments / Company lies and Misinformation

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    …I will cancel my direct debit and pay manually each month 10 working days late.

    As long as you don’t mind losing your Direct Debit discount at the very least. Anyway, good luck.
    I'm an Eon Next dual fuel customer with no particular expertise but have some time on my hands that I am using to try and help out a bit.
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    You best hope that money clears in ''10 working days'' aswell. As it stands three of your so called customer service agents were all wrong and don't you dare think about taking my direct debit out on the date i set. You will get it 10 working days late.

    Might be useful for you to give precise detail about why the 3 customer service agents are all wrong - did they fail to specify 'working'? and/or did they fail to mention 10 days? If you requested a repayment of more than £500 as this might have caused this delay in processing your request.

    Altering your direct debit to a later date (i.e after bill generation) might lead to unintended consequences re the level of DD that Eon Next want to take for future payments which may lead to even more angst and frustration.

    You might think carefully about a few options for your circumstances:
    1. Go fully to a system of variable direct debit (VDD) - you only pay a DD to zeroise your account once a month. VDD's are of course higher in the winter months and lower in summer than a flat DD amount. Not for the faint-hearted but relieves the issue of excess credit on one's account.
    2. Move to another supplier that you perceive to be better at handling excess balances. You'll need to do your own research. But if you move from Eon Next it will take them more than 10 working days to issue a final bill.
    3. Move to a non-DD method of payment on receipt of bill. But this will cost you more over the year to do it like this (approx 6% more).
    4. Take a few deep breaths, wait until the 10 working days are up and just accept that this is the way things are done in the energy supply business.
    5. If you still wish to stay with Eon Next and the funds are not with you by the end of 10 working days, then complain (email or post) and you might receive a small goodwill compensation payment especially if you were fed duff information originally by Eon Next CS.

    Just remember that this is a community forum with most of the posting done by fellow customers. 👍
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    @Mailman Yeah the precise details will be given to the right people in due course. Oh yeah the 3 customer service agent is now 4. As i was told by a very rude agent might i add that i would have my money by Monday the 11th and still don't have it as of14:46, it's looking bad for him to.
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    @Mailman Yeah i will take a deep breaths and once i finally get MY money back, I will create a youtube video with all the misinformation i was told. I have on average about 1.2 million views a video and i am sure some of them are Eon Next customers or would of been.
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    Is there any indication on your online account about this repayment? It will be under 'View Statements and Payments' and then under the 'Transactions' tab.

    Re Youtube, I expect you are aware of Monetisation for creators especially with 1.2 million hits a video and maybe provide a link back here for any forthcoming videos so that we can all see what is going on because we (community contributors such as myself) have an incomplete picture of what happened. 🥂
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    It's been 10 days since i refunded some credit from my account to bank account and STILL haven't recieved my money back. I was repeatedly told diffferent information and misinformation from there so called customer service and was even rude to. The customer service i recieved was the worse i have ever had from any company. When the simple busniess transaction final clears (I know that international transactions is quicker then this company) I will be making a compliant. I will forever give this company a bad name over social media.

    🔎I can only assume that you have now actually received monies to your bank account relating to this original complaint/post now that we are @ 16 days. 🍺
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    Hey @AshleyJ

    Hopefully you have now received your refund 🤞if you've had any further issues please get back in touch with an energy specialist and they will be able to help you 😊
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