Direct debit increase

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    Prep your figures as already suggested and then speak to Customer Services. Alternatively, change your fixed direct debit to Variable (pay in full on receipt of bill by DD). That way, you'll be paying for your bills out of your credit until that is all gone, then just pay the bill monthly.
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    Sorry i didn't realise the different suppler angle. The complaint route is via the mauve box below

    Any direct debits that are incorrectly calculated can be instantly recalled by contacting your bank under the direct debit guarantee. Alternatively you could get the same prices but pay monthly on receipt of bill - assuming they are accurate (using the correct readings and prices). Sometimes we customers need to strike back.
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    I spoke to them today on the phone. Very helpful. They didn't understand why the DD had been set so high. They've now adjusted down by about half. Given our usage, this will probably mean that the amount in credit will neither go up or down very much. It's currently £375 in credit.

    She had no idea why the estimated usage says £10,218 a year, then the next statement £4894, then £9850 etc.

    I've looked at the online account and it now has the direct debit amount of £84.54. Which is probably about right. Possibly a little high.

    Worryingly though, there's a little symbol at the top, which is for account health. This has a message saying we're not paying enough. So I fully expect, that with a few days or weeks, the DD amount will rise dramatically again, and I'll be back on the phone :(
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    @Onefish Good news. I think you've highlighted the most important thing is to monitor your own actual usage and not really on force fed information. 👴