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    For the past 6 years we have had either a plug in hybrid, 3 years and currently a full electric since 2020. We are in the fortunate position of having had solar panels since 2018 so we joined the “Green revolution” at an early stage.
    When we first had our plug in hybrid we had a home charger installed and apart from a few trips most of our charging is at home, this pattern has continued since having the EV.
    We are a full electric household on an Economy 7 tariff and now on the dedicated Next Drive EV tariff.
    For us owning and running an EV is a no brainer as we are able to utilise fully the cheap rates along with solar energy. The cost compared with a petrol vehicle is almost an 80% saving on running costs and despite Road tax due to be charged from 2025 we will have had almost 8 years of no Road tax.
    As I said we are fortunate to be able to charge at home and I am sure others might find the switch to EV more challenging if living in a different environment.
    Our existing EV gives around a range of on average 200 miles but we are upgrading to a vehicle with a range of 300+ which along with fast charging capability will make it easier to plan longer journeys. We will be venturing abroad with the car next year and I do not envisage any difficulties, just additional planning using dedicated map technology
    For us the switch to EV has been nothing but positive and hope the above helps the decision making people are going to face over the coming years
    Hope the above helps
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    I love this thread 😊 Thanks so much for sharing your experience with electric vehicles @Mikeplotters

    Can I ask what model you have and how long does it take to have a full charge?
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    Deb asked for additional info on my EV charging. I currently have a Hyundai Ioniq (1st generation) with a 38kw battery which on a domestic charger (7kw) takes about 4 hours from maybe 20% battery. Obviously from a 90kw charger the time will be greatly reduced. My new vehicle will be an Ioniq 6 with a 77kw hour battery which will take longer to charge but be well within the Economy 7 timeframe
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    @Mikeplotters Hey 👋

    It's lovely to read your experience with your electric vehicle.
    How exactly does the plugin hybrid work? So you use your electric miles first and then it switches to petrol/diesel?