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    Never have I come across such a shambolic organisation, who do not deal with heinous acts of incompetence and discrimination. The approach is platitudes and deflection and a hope that I will go away.
    We are now in Day 14 of a complaint I raised on behalf of my 85 year old mother in law whose husband has just had major surgery and been diagnosed with MND. I am looking after it now as they made a wonderfully strong willed intelligent lady cry and worry that her power would be cut off. They increased her bill to £399 a month and offered her no options but to pay. Then they told her to contact them by social media or email, she's 85 ffs. They also told her to fill in a paylink for her expenses online to receive some help. So here we are 14 days in I feel like Bill Murray in Groundhog Day I keep trying to change the way in which I deal with EON and everyday I get no further, the paylink doesn't work, I work in IT and have tried it on numerous machines and operating systems. But always my "Paylink in invalid" yes I did mean to write "in" and not "is" as that is what it says. So we can't input any financial data which my mother in law spent a couple of hours putting together. I do have a complaint handler but for some utterly bizarre region he's in Australia which precludes me from ever having a conversation with him, as his day is my night. It was suggested that I stay up to talk to him. Who's the customer here? So 14 days in, no update, me constantly chasing with no update on my complaint and any advice given is always conflicting. I have just asked for an address for a Freedom of Information request so I can obtain all of the telephone calls. As I will be sending them to the Ombudsman. My username is how I feel. Get your house in order E.ON because I am not going away as you made an 85 year old vulnerable lady cry.
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    Hey @PEE0NCustomerService,

    I hope you're well.

    I'm one of the Community Coordinators here on the forum. I'm sad to read that this has been your Mother-in-Law's experience, no one should be made to feel this way and I'm sorry we've clearly let her down. I can see why you're frustrated.

    Can I ask you to pop me a private message so that I can take a look into this for you and get a better understanding of what we can do to support your Mother-in-Law?
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