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    Can anyone help shed some light on what might be covered under “always on” in the Ivie Bud readings? There is a separate category for refrigeration, EV, etc but my “always on” readings are higher than any of the others and I’m at a loss as to what appliances could be running that could possibly consume so much energy.
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    I would be more than happy to go through the settings and features of the ivie Bud and the ivie App - so that I can help answer any questions anyone might have about them. Would you like a general breakdown of everything or just something in particular, such as the Activity Insights that @NCarolM has had issues with?

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    Fridges, freezers, devices such as Sky boxes, PVRs, laptops....they are often the culprits.

    Don't shoot me, I'm only the piano player. I DON'T work for or on behalf of EON.Next, but am willing to try and help if I can. Not on mains gas, mobile network or mains drainage. House heated almost entirely by baby dragons.
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    Can anyone help shed some light on what might be covered under “always on” in the Ivie Bud readings? There is a separate category for refrigeration, EV, etc but my “always on” readings are higher than any of the others and I’m at a loss as to what appliances could be running that could possibly consume so much energy.

    What sort of readings are you getting from this 'always on' stat? From my 'Chameleon IHD' (basically the same as lvie Bud I think), I do have a 'usage now' function that shows a reading of as low as 36W in the morning when I get up (before putting t'kettle on 😁). That is without the F/F compressor in its on-cycle. Only other things switched on are phone/router/virgin 360 box in standby/virgin powered isolator box/nightlight making up my baseline 36W.
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    That’s a good baseline. The lowest hour I could find on Bright was 150W.
    I'm an Eon Next dual fuel customer with no particular expertise but have some time on my hands that I am using to try and help out a bit.
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    Here are the readings, fridge and freezer is separate. I have no idea what could be eating electricity at that rate, that's 'always on'. Surely a few items on standby can't account for a quarter of usage, especially when you compare it to a few hours of EV charge, or an electric shower.
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    This looks like the app rather than the IHD itself.

    Does your IHD look like this?

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    If it does, you need to find that 'usage now' statistic. You can get this by pressing the area arrowed until you get to 'usage now'. First thing in the morning look at the usage now number from the IHD before turning on any appliances and hot water and central heating (other than those that are always turned on). You can get a 'rough' idea of daily 'always on' by realising that if your 'usage now' was say 100W, than in 1 hour you would use 0.1kWh (at the same draw) and in 24 hours you would use 2.4kWh as your 'always on' electricity usage.

    From your March figure I see it says 185kWh for 'always on' equivalent to just shy of 6kWh per day. If this is indeed the case then I'd expect to see the 'usage now' figure from your IHD to be in the region of 250W (24/7) i.e. 0.25kW consumed every hour of every day for these 'always on' items.

    Confirmation of what your IHD says last thing at night (after all appliances turned off) and first thing in the morning (before any appliances are turned on) would be helpful to ascertain if there is a problem or whether the app is just giving you false information.
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    Perhaps @Will_ivieBud might be in a position to go through the settings and features of Ivie in a bit more details with us?
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    Isn't this just simply misleading information.
    Correct me if I am wrong but the Chameleon application is just making inferrences as to your 'always on' consumption.
    Unless each device is separately monitored, you just don't have that data.

    It 'guesses' that a peak at dinner time is the cooker.
    It 'guesses' that a steady draw of say 7kW over night might be an electric car.
    It could infer that a 2.4kW spike lasting for about 1 minute could be a kettle.

    That 7kW continuous could just as easy be a canabis farm and energy storage running overnight!

    Happy to be corrected as I see the guy from Chameleon is on here.
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    Hey @Marco77 👋

    Personally I wouldn't say it's misleading information, the whole point of an IHD is to "guide" you in your usage. That's not to say it's a full & accurate representation of what you are using, it's a guide to give you an idea of where you could be saving energy.

    I would imagine that the average household wouldn't be growing drugs on the premises and most people don't use much over night 🤔 perhaps a T.V on standby, charger & fridge freezer, unless they are economy 7 or 10 or as you say charging an EV of course. So it should be easier to narrow down that consumption yourself & plan from there.

    I use my app (different IHD & supplier) to monitor & although the categories aren't 100% accurate it does help me to visualise my usage & plan for the following month. I know if my teenager has been playing on his Xbox for so many hours that entertainment bar on my app is going to go up, mainly due to the fact he is using the T.V, the console & usually has his laptop plugged in too so he can edit content or stream to YouTube. I know at the end of the month this is always the category with the most usage. The IHD & app help me understand what I can cut back on & more importantly who in my household needs telling off that month 😆
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