Can my external gas meter be rotated by 45 degrees so I can read it more easily

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    My gas meter is mounted outside my property at ground level.
    The display is about 4 inches off the ground and pointing horizontal to the surface and you have to lie on your side on the ground and squint like mad to try and read it.
    I'm supposed to be in the support group for pensioners and disabled people.
    I have been asking EonNext for ages if they can upgrade my SMETS1 dumb meter to SMETS2 or replace with a new SMETS 2 meter so there is no longer a problem assessing the meter to read it.
    So can they rotate my gas meter to enable easier readability?
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    They could but probably will not. If you are on the priority service register they should arrange for your meter to be read by their contractor. If you put them to extra cost then they might well get you meter changed.

    you might wish to raise a complaint. See the purple box below.
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    Hey @CDH, you have a few options here:

    1. As you are on the priority services register and unable to read your meters then you can request to have a meter reader attend to take a reading every 3 months.
    2. If you are eligible then we could fit a smart meter so you don't need to take readings as we can pull them automatically
    3. You could request for your meter to be moved, it would have to be moved less than 1m and be on the same wall with no obstructions. This is a chargeable appointment, the charge for this is £157.86

    If any of these options suit you pop our energy specialists a message and they will be able to go through the options available to you in more detail for you 😊
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