Our Gas Smart Meter is not working

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    We moved into a new build house 5 months ago. We initially took Electric/Gas readings, all good we thought.

    Electric meter is fine and reports to the IHD.

    But Gas meter appears to not be working, we have been trying for the last 5 months to get this issue sorted.

    Issue is with the Gas Meter. When you press A to read the meter, the LCD display is fully black, then comes up with the message Battery Door Open and then goes into a service menu. Which has options such as Event Log, Battery Change, Leave HAN, Flush Meter, Test Valve etc. You can't leave this menu.

    Gas readings also don't get reported to the IHD. Or Eon, so we have estimated bills.

    Electric meter is Landis+GYR E470 Type 5394
    Gas meter is Landis+GYR G470 672
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    Estimated bills are really bad news this year. It would be possible to run up thousands of pounds of debt in a year, just by using a little bit more than average, and the meter might know about that somewhere even if it has a stupid unreadable design. Your meter is supposed to be your helper, proving that you should pay less when you have used less. If it won't then it is the legal responsibility of the company who sent you the most recent estimated bill to send a meter reader or specialist whose job is to sort it out. Just make sure that you have cash in the type of savings account which would allow you to pay anything expected over the estimated gas bills already paid, as that could be plus or minus several hundred pounds. Hopefully it will be several hundred in your favour and when somebody manages to read it you'll be owed lots. If the housebuilder neglected to commission the meter then it gets legally interesting between EoN and the housebuilder, and that should be Not Your Problem.
    If they don't reply within a week then escalate as a complaint and if they still have not sorted it within eight weeks of writing to them containing the magic word 'complaint' then ombudsman it.
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    if you’ve been trying to resolve for 5 months then you are entitled to complain now. With no prior consumption to assess usage you may need to consult neighbours with similar properties for help.
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