Bills up again... January.

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    I'm getting tired of this...

    December bill
    Electricity Tariff Name Standard SC ROB
    Unit Rate 51.87p/kWh
    Gas Tariff Name Standard SC ROB
    Unit Rate 14.899p/kWh

    January bill
    Electricity Tariff Name Standard SC ROB
    Unit Rate 67.339p/kWh
    Gas Tariff Name Standard SC ROB
    Unit Rate 17.224p/kWh

    In summary - January:
    £430 a month without gov price sub
    £230 month to pay after all gov "discounts" (price guarantee & £67 discount energy scheme).
    Additionally, somehow I managed to use 70% more gas in January. In Somerset. Where weather was quite ok. In December used: 853.7 kWh / January used: 1448.8 kWh.

    Yearly usage:
    Electricity usage 2,614kWh
    Gas usage 8,833kWh
    2 bed terraced, combi boiler, insulated.

    ............ when market gas prices plummeted from summer levels. What went wrong?

    Might be in wrong category, can be moved to "discussion"...
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    The gas you are paying for now was bought in on forward contracts when the price was higher. Falling prices since then will start to appear from around Q3 2023.

    What on earth is a Standard SC ROB tariff? Never heard of that one!
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    The prices charged by E.On Next went up in january, largely offset by changes in the Government EPG which you have chosen not to display. some net prices even went down a fraction!

    If the readings are correct without estimates - particularly on 1 Jan and now - you've probably got a fair bill.

    Gas prices are not based on current spot market prices. They are based on forward contracts, and because prices were rising the retail rates were always behind the forward market movements. They will come down, nobody likes it but it's not the fault of energy retailers. Others yes.
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