To Eon management, including former Aktiengesellschaft für Kohleverwertung and associates,

Please could EoN of Hannover issue a notice of intent to RWE of Essen saying that because of continued Lignite operations in Germany, EoN shall cease to buy RWE electricity within Germany because it has been tainted with Lignite derived content. From Innogy SE, EoN shall continue to draw and sell only wholly renewable power.

In England, I have insofar as possible decreased my use of National Grid electricity because that is excessively tainted with too much imported electricity which might have excessive CO2 due to the lignite derived origins of Europes' leftovers. Unless shown otherwise, it is dirty electricity plus a meaningless certificate being misrepresented as "100% renewable".

For those of you who don't know your bituminous coal from your anthracite, lignite is horrible damp brown stuff one stage on from peat and worth the trouble of burning in a dedicated furnace which is suitable for the damp, so long as the costs and harms of CO2 are left as somebody else's problem. It does not contain enough energy to pay for direct air capture of the CO2 from it, let alone proper disposal of the CO2. It makes CO2 just like any other coal.

To a commercial capitalist business such as RWE, there is only one way to remove unwanted and dirty production. That is to stop buying the electricity resulting from it.