Random Fact of the Day

Hey Nexters!

In my house we are all about sustainability and being self sufficient and so we have ex commercial chickens. 🐔

We like to name them egg or hen related pun names - Nugget, Egg Sheeran and 2 of our newest additions are going to be Mary Poopins (if you have chickens you know why! 💩) and Amelia Egghart - to which my 7 year old daughter comes out with the random fact that 24th July is Amelia Earhart day and that when she was younger, Amelia built a roller coaster! So what other random facts do you know that other people might not?

I’ll go first - the world's smallest reptile was first reported in 2021. A tiny chameleon discovered in northern Madagascar and measuring just 28.9 millimeters is believed to be the smallest reptile on Earth! 🦎

I look forward to hearing some fun, interesting and PG facts that you guys know!

​​​​​​​Beki - Digi Ops 🤓