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    I downsized my kettle to get free hot water within the spare capacity of my rooftop solar.

    This new 0.9 kW extra kettle boils 1 litre in 6 minutes and 30 seconds ( by comparison to 3 minutes in the ordinary 2kW kettle ) so the kWh used is the same. Where I gain is that in daytime, my solar on the roof quite often makes enough electricity to boil the downsized kettle below half price and if sunny then completely bill free.

    Small washing up at lunch time using a small kettle can cost nothing - I keep my gas combi boiler switched off all day long now that I have the alternative for small hot water.

    Sometimes if I need 2 litres not 1, or if it is night time, its back to the ordinary kettle, so don't throw yours out.
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    Every little helps, as they say 👍
    I'm an Eon Next dual fuel customer with no particular expertise but have some time on my hands that I am using to try and help out a bit.
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    Hey @wizzo227 this is a great tip so often I forget to think about appliances and how much they cost to run individually however my fixed tariff has just come to an end & I am feeling the pinch so will certainly be looking into it all now! We have a breville hot cup at home it only heats enough hot water to fill 1 cup which is great if you are just having the 1 cup however when you have company and need to make a few cups I'm not sure if you are actually saving much at all 🤔
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    I must emphasise that the energy-cost (in kWh) of using a half-sized kettle for boiling one litre of water from 15C is the same as for boiling one litre of water from 15C in any other kettle.
    The genuine gain to CO2 arises from choosing appliances and their time of use to fit inside locally generated locally used solar electricity, and that is free pounds-cost too when using rooftop solar.
    One litre makes about three mugs exactly.
    This morning weather is dark grey with no change forecast, and the wireless energy monitor shows less than 0.1 kW of generation, so there is very little cost difference now between the half-sized kettle and the ordinary 2kW kettle. For speed, I'll next use the 2kW kettle. Partly for energy saving, I'll start the morning with a cold drink instead.