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    When I received a paper bill I was given my annual usage for gas / electricity in kWh plus a forecast of usage (cost) for next 12 months also daily comparisons

    I cannot find similar information in my online account.

    Can I access this information online?

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    Yes, if you look at your full pdf statements on line rather then the abbreviated summaries, they should contain exactly the same information as the paper bills.

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    If you go into your Transactions/Statements and highlight the Statements tab, you will see download links to the full pdf bill.

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    I've never seen daily comparisons on my bills though?
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    Hey @crickhollow welcome to the community 👋

    We work out the annual usage from the readings we have received and estimate your usage for the next 12 months based on this information, as @retrotecchie has shown above you can view this information on each statement we issue. The best way to ensure it is as accurate as possible is to make sure we have regular readings. I always recommend a monthly reading 😊 Unfortunately we don't have daily breakdowns or comparisons I think this is something that perhaps E.ON used to do however not here at E.ON Next.
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    Thank you both for your helpful response - I had forgotten that the pdf statement provides the information I wanted.

    What does this information mean (on my April 2021 pdf statement)?Name:  Screenshot 2022-11-22 at 11.58.59.png
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    That's an old 'pre-E.On Next' statement. Were you migrated from E.On or another supplier? I suspect that is a 'daily average' for that month's billing period rather than an actual daily amount, per se.

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    I did not migrate to E.On and have been a customer for many years. That 'daily usage' chart is not on the current pdf statement. Not sure when this was dropped.

    The 'Each day at a glance' table is a curious figure especially as it does not specify the actual day! As you say I presume it is a daily average. Is this useful? Maybe...

    I do think the E.On could be more imaginative in presenting long-term usage data in a graphic form. This could help budgeting purposes i.e. anticipating likely costs.

    A graph showing kWh energy use vs cost over the years would also show how costs have increased for equivalent usage!

    The 'Estimated Annual Usage' on the statement seems to change significantly from one statement period to another April 2021 it forecast Gas 23,250kWh annual usage but in Sep 2022 it says 19,494 kWh!

    Given the actual usage history E.On have then I would have thought E.On could be more accurate?
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    Your problem is that you are no longer with E.On but with E.On Next. All the former E.On domestic users were ported across to Next and E.On themselves only deal with UK commercial customers. Part of the same German group of companies, but a separate entity from E.On themselves. Next use a different software platform (Kraken).

    So, if you look at the bills where you did have the data, they would have been E.On. The later bills will have a different colour scheme, different layouts and text styles, and not so much data. In fact, I would imagine the first Next bill or last E.On bill would have given you the 'goodbye' and 'welcome' messages.

    I was transferred from Igloo last year when they went norks northwards, and I no longer have the same information they used to provide. However, I have always tracked my own data on a spreadsheet so have far more insight than even Igloo used to give.

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