Increase supply fuse from 80A to 100A

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    I've got a quote from Northern Powergrid to increase my supply fuse rating from 80A to 100A, NPG has said that I should check with my supplier to see if:

    1. The company you pay your electricity bills to, your energy supplier, will need to visit you to check and if necessary upgrade your meter tails to 25mm. They will also need to check if your meter needs upgrading to cope with the bigger fuse and more power.

    2. A qualified electrician will also need to upgrade your consumer tails going into your fuse board and ensure that your fuse board can also cope with a bigger fuse.

    How can I contact Eon Next to get item 1 completed?
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    If you already have 25mm meter tails and your consumer unit main breaker is rated at 100A, then there should be nothing that needs to be done. How old is your installation and how long are the meter tails? Do you have an isolator switch after the meter?
    Don't shoot me, I'm only the piano player. I DON'T work for or on behalf of EON.Next, but am willing to try and help if I can. Not on mains gas, mobile network or mains drainage. House heated almost entirely by baby dragons.
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    Hi there, thanks for the quick reply!

    The consumer unit main switch is rated at 100A but the two switches on the consumer unit labelled RCD Controlled Circuits are marked as 80A each.

    I can’t see the cables going into the consumer unit as they are hidden, however the piece of paper in the consumer unit lists each fuse/circuit, use and some other stuff.

    Same piece of paper has the following:

    Incoming Details:
    AMPS = 100

    It’s a new build property (May 2010) and the electricity meter is a new smart meter. The tails that I can see look OK about 13mm in diameter.
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    Sounds like you're good to go. As a matter of fact, everything up to and including the DNO main fuse are property and responsibility of DNO. Everything from the meter forward is part of your property and your responsibility. The bit between, i.e. The meter itself is E.On Next's bailiwick...but I have never found a definitive answer on 'incoming tails'. I suspect DNO.

    BS EN 1361 is the specification for the incoming DNO fuse

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    And the piece of paper seems to indicate you may possibly already have 100A service
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    @retrotecchie Thanks again!

    I've placed the order with Northern Powergrid for them to do the work. Annoyingly, they charge for it but for equivalent (60-80A) at my parents in London (DNO is UK Power Networks), they don't charge. Grrrr!!