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    @retrotecchie How fantastic is that?! I've seen converted shipping containers before, but never a lorry! You're not just tecchie, you're definitely handy too.

    Do you think you could build an entire home out of the lorry trailers?

    For my job I would require internet access so couldn't ever be completely off-grid but all of the other aspects I think would be amazing. Was there anything in particular that you found easier or harder than anticipated?
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    Level 92

    I ran a CAT5 cable down from the farmhouse for phone and broadband, so that wasn't exactly completely off grid!

    Hardest part was getting back from a 60 mile round trip from the nearest B&Q to find I'd forgotten something vital, like door hinges or screws.

    Writing my own software and building the electronics to control and monitor the PV and solar thermal was particularly satisfying.

    Coming in one day in torrential rain to find there was a leak in the roof...not so satisfying.

    The original plan was to bolt a second body onto the first to build a bedroom and a living room, but 'her indoors wanted a more 'conventional' house.

    The truck bodies are 'leftover' from a local horsebox company. They take an old 20ft lorry, remove the cargo box and then coachbuild custom horse transporters. They sell the surplus bodies for £ 400. We had four, so two for my farmer mate for feed stores and two for me for this project. As we had four, they delivered them for free!
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    @retrotecchie That looks like a nifty bit of kit - although...what version of windows are you running?! 🙈

    It could be quite a low income housing option for people then, if you can find the land to build on! It would be a much cheaper home office too.
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    Level 92
    The laptop was running XP and the software was knocked up in Visual Basic 6. Retro, but does the job.

    Everything is running on a Windows 10 tablet now.