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    hi, I am a new tanent in. I try to follow the instruction for new tanent and enter the code on the website, while I cannot choose the tarrif and there are only one tarrif Nextflex for me. The estimate payment for the only tarrif is very expensive around 200 per month. I have try to contact the company by email, WhatsApp, messenger and phone, but no one replied me. It seems I moved to here for half month so I was decide to comfirm a tarrif for me, but I found that I fail to register cos the final step to comfirm the tarrif cannot comfirm. There are no action to click "comfirm". I don't know what to do and how to solve these problem. So sad.
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    There will be only one tarrif and yes prices are very high, but not as bad as they would have been but for the government intervention.

    ​​​​​​​Customer services are overwhelmed at present so, as long as you are on supply, I'd wait a week or so before trying to sort things out.
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