Renewal prices have doubled in a month

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    My renewal is due in 2 weeks. I received the renewal email about a month ago, checked the renewal prices and decided to come back later as I didn't have time to look into it. I logged back in today to renew and the Fixed tariff disappeared, but the variable tariff charges doubled in price. It's almost as expensive as the fixed tariff that was offered initially (£4200 vs £4500/year). How did these prices double in a month? Is it because I waited? I'm not sure what to do now.
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    Hi @NinjaTurtle

    As @meldrewreborn has said, what you've been sent is now out of date. You will get revised rates but there's an awful lot needing to be done at the minute so it might be slow going.

    Your gas will be approximately 10.3p per kWh for example, not 14.72p. As hard as it is, try to be patient as I think eon-next are trying to ensure that payments and tariffs are correct and communications may be following after. It's not ideal but there's a lot to do in a very short space of time, it is what it is I'm afraid.
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    Prices have not doubled in a month - in a year yes, but not in a month. The new rates are circa 25% up on April's rates. Fixed rates have been withdrawn because they were uncompetitive with the new variable price capped rates from October.

    You don't need to do anything. Breathe. You have saved yourself a lot of hassle by not taking the fix rate.

    Before the government stepped in, October rates were approximately 80% up on April's rates, now its "only" 25%. Cutting consumption is the order of the day.
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    Here are the rates I got last month vs the ones I'm getting now. The August rates are more or less double compared to the fixed tariff I currently got.

    NextFlex September vs August
    Daily standing charge
    Electricity 42.77p vs 41.75p
    Gas 28.48p vs 27.22p

    Unit rate
    Electricity 63.03p per kWh (Day) 32.07p per kWh (Night) vs Electricity 34.66p per kWh (Day) 17.64p per kWh (Night)
    Gas 14.72p per kWh vs 7.32p per kWh

    Assumed annual usage
    Electricity 3,994kWh vs 3,948kWh
    Gas 11,759kWh vs 11,757kWh

    Estimated annual cost
    Electricity £2,372.77 vs £1,355.96
    Gas £1,835.13 vs £959.79
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    Thank you for your replies @Andy65 and @meldrewreborn. It's just that my current contract ends soon and I didn't fully understand why the rates have gone up so significantly in one month. I freaked out a bit when I saw those numbers.