Previous Owner Debt on Gas Prepaid Meter

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    I am at my wits end here.

    I have already issued a formal complaint to Eon about this ongoing situation I am facing since buying a flat at the end of august 2022. I got the keys to the property at the end of august and when I moved in I immediately took photos of the readings on the electric and the gas meters. The gas meter is a prepaid meter and was showing it was on emergency credit. I took the card that was in the meter to the shop, added 20 pound and came back only to find that the meter ate the credit. That is when I discovered the previous owner (who is deceased by the way) left a debt of £452.96

    I have contacted Eon customer service numerous times, and each time am told something different to "resolve" the issue and I am still unable to access my gas supply, nearly a month later.

    First I was told they would sent out a top up card with money on it to wipe the debt, however as the debt was over £249 they would have to send out two cards. I got two cards....with no credit on either of them.

    Second time I was told I needed to get my own top up card and register it, and by registering it in the meter it would wipe the did not.

    Third time I was told that because the debt was over £249 the only way for the debt to be cleared would be to get an engineer to come out and manually clear it. I asked about booking an appointment but was told the wait time was 4 to 5 weeks. So I was told alternatively I could let the meter run out of emergency credit and go off supply and then Eon are OBLIGATED to come out to the property within 24 hours as it is A HEALTH AND SAFETY ISSUE to be off supply.

    Well I am currently off supply and haven't gotten through to anyone to discuss getting an engineer out to the property to look at the meter. I have gotten through to someone to send me another card...GREAT.

    Can anyone tell me a way to fix this situation, like actually fix it? Because right now I have no gas supply and I refuse to pay off a dead man's debt.
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    This is shocking and I can see why you’re at your wit’s end. You are having to resort to a public customer to customer forum for advice when you have already had so much hassle that you have even raised a complaint.

    I don’t know if anyone here has a direct line to one of the Eon Next employees but all I can do is tag in someone (anyone) to see if they can do something.

    I’ll try @Beki_EONNext in the first instance.

    Just one question though. You mention Eon but do you mean Eon Next? They are two different suppliers so let’s be sure you’re on the correct forum.
    I'm an Eon Next dual fuel customer with no particular expertise but have some time on my hands that I am using to try and help out a bit.