meter off wall

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    Just to tidy things up, this kind of repair can't be done by a local electrician and definitely not the customer!

    • If the meter and/or Timeswitch has been ripped off the wall, contact your supplier for help.
    • If the Main Fuse has been ripped off the wall, contact your DNO for help
    • If EVERYTHING has been ripped off the wall, contact both your supplier and your DNO for help

    If you wish to report energy theft, please see the advice at Stay Energy Safe. What happened here is technically meter tampering and I certainly don't have a problem if you decide to report it.
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    There may be help, but will it come with some £ signs attached? Only @Sarahpower has seen the damage so we're all a bit in the dark as to the exact situation, but it wasn't reported that any supplies had failed, so reattachment appeared to me to be entirely sensible and practical. I was also thinking the meters were indoors in some type of collective area, as other households' meters were also off the wall.

    Responsibility for the damage rests with the person who did it. I doubt whether they will actually be made to pay for the damage and repair costs in the end.
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