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    I read my own meters (gas and electric day/night) and submit readings on-line at the end of the month. Mostly this works and I get a bill for that month.

    Every now and again the system sends me an estimated bill (often quite fictitious), even though I'm not overdue on sending readings. So then I enter the actual figures and instead of cancelling out the previous bill and creating a new one it sends out the adjustment. Now if I want to look back on a month I have two documents and some mental arithmetic to carry out.

    My actual readings were less than the fiction that was sent - so I get "are your reallly really sure" a bit like the previous customer who recently posted. Clue: There may be reasons why a summer month post covid has had less usage!!

    No other supplier I have ever been with does this. Most have sent a request for a meter reading before doing an estimate. But why the impatience anyway? The 29th is not the end of the month. And why does it work one month and not another? Systems NOT designed for customer convenience.

    I have had several different responses in the past couple of years as to the best time to submit readings - none of them work, it seems that EON-Next do not have control over when estimates are sent out:

    Unfortunately we cannot manually stop our system from generating estimated readings.

    The robots have taken over πŸ˜–
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    Hi @Anthony2l

    I have a spreadsheet where I enter my meter readings. It automatically converts the Gas m3 to kWh and shows the Standing Charges for each month. It's accurate to within a penny each month and the worst thing I have to do is add new tariff prices when they change.

    It makes it so much easier, I use the spreadsheet as my reference and I just need to have a quick glance at the bill totals to see that they're right. It is slightly annoying that as I now have Smart Meters, eon-next pull my readings on the 28th of each month whereas I would prefer the last day of each month.
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    Hi @Andy65

    Sell the spreadsheet to them so that customers might be able to get something useful out of the system.
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    Hey @Anthony2l,

    Deb here I'm one of the community co-ordinators. I'm sorry you've had some bother with your bills recently. I tried to take a look at your account using the email address associated with your username however I am unable to locate your account based on this. I would suggest that you get in touch with our energy specialists who can update your billing calendar for you.

    ​@Andy65 you can request to have your bill & reading dates changed to a date that suits you better 😊
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    If you have something account specific or urgent then speak to our energy specialists, here's how you can get in touch: How to Contact E.ON Next πŸ“žπŸ’»πŸŒ