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  • JoeSoap's Avatar
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    Had a bill arrive this morning and it seems that they have added a manual credit to fix the wrong unit prices being charged. So im being charged 55p a unit but then theres a manual credit of 17p a unit being added.
    This just gets more confusing. I would have to imagine that the way you have been billed is a temporary fix for the first day or two of the month that will be put right pronto.

    I thought I had got my head round it all but…
    I'm an Eon Next dual fuel customer with no particular expertise but have some time on my hands that I am using to try and help out a bit.
  • Beki's Avatar
    @sandco I think because you submitted a meter reading on the 2nd, and we have one from your smart meter for the 1st (all smart meters have pulled a reading on the 1st), it has billed you for one day. 😊

    They haven't yet got the tariff errors fixed but the team are working hard to resolve this.
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    Dear Beki / E-On customer service
    Safe to say that I am a little disappointed with how E-On deals with the £400 energy grant. Yes, there is enough info on your website, yes there is a reminder that you will lower direct debit by £66 / £67 beginning October but the reality is that You collected the full amount from my account. It is impossible to get through to speak to someone despite the fact I have been waiting multiple times for at least 35 minutes listening to some unpleasant music that pretends to be a classic one. Furthermore, I have sent it 3 emails / left messages on what's up as well and just got a little answer stating - please give us a call. The facility to provide a meter reading does not work anymore and the page is redirected to the dashboard so can't respond to your request of providing a meter reading. And that's it.. to summarise all - it looks like in a nutshell - E-On takes a government grant and now does whatever ever possible to keep the money as long as possible on short save accounts to get extra profit for an expense of extra stress of customers - simple as that.
  • Beki's Avatar
    @MPP Hi there, Beki here! 👋

    Thank you so much for popping your query over to me.

    If you had given us a meter reading in the past couple of days, then you won't be able to provide another through your online account. You can always just ping these in an email for us to add or send us a message on Whatsapp/Facebook. Even better, would be to have a snazzy new smart meter installed and we can get readings automatically. Let me know if you'd like me to have a look at an appointment for you.

    I just had a little look at your account, and it has all been addressed in a recent email as well as a repayment of the government grant heading into your account in the next few working days.

    As for the hold music, sadly we can't cater for every ones taste, but I will pass on your comments to the team. Is there any particular music you would prefer instead? 😊
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    @Beki_EONNext I have not had my GAS grant as yet which is in arrears but only the daily charges as it is no longer in use. I have the first £66 on my electric. The question really is: I will be moving out as I am now retired and do not need this rented house. I have another house with my partner. Will the new tenant keep my grant. I can't see it being transfered over to my gas nor over as my partner who has the grant with British Gas (and Electric). All sounds confusing.
  • Andy65's Avatar
    Level 44

    There is no grant for gas, the £400 is paid to electricity accounts only, split into 6 monthly payments of £66/67. It is per property and so if you move to another house you can't take it with you.
  • Beki's Avatar
    Hey there @AlmostNearlyPerfect, Beki here.
    @Andy65 is sort of correct so for further clarification, please see below for our move in/move out process. I hope this helps.

    What if I move home or change supplier?

    Effectively the eligibility date to receive the rebate payment will be the 1st of every month (this is the same for all suppliers) - This means if you are supplied by E.ON Next on the first of the month and have a live Electric account you are eligible for the payment through us.

    • If you move out on the 2nd of the month or change supplier away from E.ON Next you will be given this as part of your final bill.
    • If you move in on the second you will not be eligible for that month and you would need to speak to the supplier at your old address for their process. If you change supplier to us on the 2nd you will need to speak to your previous supplier for their process
  • AlmostNearlyPerfect's Avatar
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    @Beki_EONNext Oh dear me. So my electric has credit which I do not use and my gas is in arrears which I also do not use, and I will end up giving the electric credit to my landlord rather than eOn transferring it to the gas because the payments are per property and not per tenant. Sounds just about right. Thank you. Time to vacate.
  • meldrewreborn's Avatar
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    If you are moving out this is one of the few occasions where you can get you credit drawn down from you meter. There was another thread on this. I think @PeterT_EONNext answere- perhaps he can clarify
    Current Eon Next and EDF customer, ex Zog and Symbio. Don't think dual fuel saves money and don't like smart meters. Chronologically Gifted. If I offend let me know by private message, but I’ll continue to express my opinions nonetheless.
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    I am on the old type prepayment meter. I am supposed to be receiving coupons totalling £400 in the following 6 months.
    It would be nice to know when the first of these will be. On the eon website there's confliction. In one place it says mid-month in another the first week of each month.
    So two questions:
    1) When is my first coupon coming?

    2) What has happened to being offered (and getting) Winter Fuel discount (£140 for the past two years)? Usually that would be offered last day of August. No such thing occurred this year?