Do you air dry your clothes?

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    At the moment I don't very often but as the warmer weather starts to come in I will be. I have an old victorian "pulley" clothes airier in the kitchen I use this a bit before I use the drier so it cuts drying time but then my towels still feel fluffy. I also have a heat pump dryer which is apparently more energy efficient than a vented or condenser dryer but I haven't had it long enough to really compare.
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    "..potentially in full view of the neighbours" - has this become a problem for some? I've never heard of anyone not wanting to hang washing outside in case the neighbours see it, although anyone who likes the more, err, unusual clothing then I can see their point.

    When I first bought a house I hung my washing out for a couple of months but the weather soon had me heading to the shops to buy a tumble dryer. I've used one ever since, I stick to the simple machines that just have two heat settings and a timer. I've always had Economy 7 and make it work for me so the cost of using the tumble dryer is negligible.

    We always dry my Mums washing on the radiators now, the heating is usually on and we can't risk her going out herself to fetch it in if we're not there, for risk of falling.

    I think drying outside gives the best results, but then there's the the time to hag it, fetch it in, the weather etc. One thing I have never done is iron, that is a waste of energy - human and electric. I'll fold a sheet/pillowcase up, smoothing it with my hands, then when you put it on the bed or stuff a pillow into it you wouldn't really know that it hasn't been ironed. I've yet to be cautioned or fined by the Crease Police.
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    @Andy65 I can't defend this terrible crime I have now alerted the crease police, I have been advised that such atrocities could result in 3 years hard ironing for the whole of the community 🤣 Funnily enough before working here I used to make a living from cleaning & ironing yet my own house always seems messy & my clothes always creased 🤔 seems I may be joining you in community payback 😅

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