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    Moved into my property 6 months ago and inherited an E-on Next supply. i have gas and elec smart meters fitted but they do not seem to be talking to E-on next and no readings sent. i have to manually send reading myself. Assumed they were SMET 1 and needed upgrade. contacted customer services and was told because i have smart meters i wasnt eligible for smart meters to be fitted?? but the agent would look into it.
    Final outcome is:

    "Hello Neil,
    In regards to the smart meter unfortunately there isn't much I can do I'm afraid this will eventually be fix but the time frame I'm getting is up to 2025 but hopefully it will be before then.
    Have a good rest of you're day,
    Kind regards,
    Joshua at E.ON Next"

    so basically i have dumb smart meters and have to live with it. poor show E-on next. why do i have to wait 3 years ?
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    If you post some pictures of your meters it would help. @theunknowntech is a whizz on these things and may be able to help you along the road to getting your meters back online.