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    I have this morning just signed up to E.ON next πŸŽ‰ βš‘πŸ’‘πŸ”₯

    I have also signed up my elderly mother as well so its now two for the price of one...

    OK we have moved from another Energy company, and we both have smart meters. The old company the smart meters I have confirmed as SMETS1 smart meters, I'm assuming that these will now turn dumb.

    The tariff that we have signed up to requires smart meters, so I guess these will need to be replaced to SMETS2 by E.ON next?

    Additionally my my mum qualified before for the "Warm Home Discount", I cannot see this anywhere on the site, does E.on next provide this service?


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    Hi Shuntfield

    e.on next does offer the warm home discount and more details will undoubtedly be released when it opens for application in the summer and you should be able to apply on your online account then if you do not receive it automatically.

    Re Smart meters it depends which model(s) of smart meter you have,most smets 1 meters are currently being migrated to the communication network(DCC) used by newer models to work with any supplier so they should be able to communicate with your meters again when yours are migrated across, I'm not sure of the current timescales for this as they have slipped due to the covid pandemic. I'm sure @Hatwildeman will pick this up and can maybe advise more on current timescales?
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    May be of help with a phone number at the bottom of page.

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    Thanks @MikeDundee I called them and the person I spoke to said that the SMETS1 meter is not compatible. Whilst my previous Energy company uses DCC I'm not sure they have migrated the SMETS1 meters to this service.

    When I rang E.On Next they said once I am on with them, as the tariff is Smart Metering only, then the meters will be changed to that they are compatible, which to be honest I don't have any problem, and would actually prefer.