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    Does anyone know who to contact to enquire about moving Gas and Electricity meters?also how much it costs?
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    Hey @leec18

    There's quite a few options with moving meters, and it all depends on how far you're looking at moving them really.

    In simple terms, if you only need to move either meter a short distance (we say under 1 meter) then we can book this for you. It's around £150 per meter, but we'd be able to confirm the exact price at the point we book the appointment.

    If it's more than a meter it needs to be moved, or for example from the inside wall to outside, this is classed as a major move. You'd need to speak to the electricity and gas networks as they'd need to come and move the pipes/electricity lines into your property. Once this work is scheduled we then come out and attach the meter into the new position. Costs for this work can really vary so it's best to speak to your network provider to get a quote.

    If you need a hand finding out who these are, or want to book the short distance move the quickest way to get in touch with us is by sending a direct message on Facebook or Twitter. One of our digi teams who are around 24/7, 365 days a year can get you sorted.


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