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    Hey there, Beki here!

    Thanks for your patience with my response. I have been taking some much needed annual leave and I'm back and refreshed!

    I can check the status of your smart meters to see if they are communicating however we cannot rescheme the IHD's unless they are our own and the smart meters are under 12 months since being fitted.

    There are alternative options that @theunknowntech has mentioned in their IHD post here. We have also rolled out a release of the energy usage screen on the app. I do know there has been hiccups with this for some users (possibly android) but our tech team are working to correct this.
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    I have been trying to get a smart meter for ages but no response. I also have both gas and electricity from Eon and have both accounts on Eon Next but every time I log in it says my accounts are not available!??
    I have tried to book an appointment for a Smart Meter but keep getting sent back to the log-in page.

    Please tell me what is going on?
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    The conclusion from all this is that I have one so called smart meter that is not functioning as a smart meter and two IHDs that are totally useless and only suitable for adding to the redundant electronic device mountain!
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    When I had problems with the smart meter being read by e.on I signed up with loop, they managed to get 80% of the last years usage.

    That at least told me that the smart meter was able to communicate and I could get usage on broken down to every 30 minutes.

    It's free so worth a shot.
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    My IHD decided to set its self on fire and i have been told i cannot have a replacement. So what is the point in having smart meters if i cannot see what i am using?
    Also what is the point of me being registered on eon next venerable persons list if nothing can be done to help me?
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    Perfectly possible to see exactly what you are using on a non smart meter. The point of smart meters is to provide accurate records of your consumption and to send that data back to your supplier. Anything over and above that functionality is a bonus.

    The IHD is not a requirement of the energy industry meter regulations so there is no obligation to replace it out of warranty if it goes wrong.

    By all means try using the Bright app on a phone or tablet which will give you a way of monitoring your usage without an IHD.

    The priority services register has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with it.

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