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    A year ago, I had a smart meter installed in npower, but it stopped working after two months. Didn't download reading automatically. I keep getting e-mails to provide the meter reading, unfortunately I cannot do it because eon wants to read the night and day tariff and I cannot check the night tariff on my meter. I called customer service many times but no one was able to help me. No one can come to me to check it until I give the meter reading, but I can't read it. I wrote an email to eon support. I got a response from one lady who said that it was actually a problem because npower installed this meter for me, not eon. And she said it was pathetic indeed and she didn't know how to help me. I keep getting notified that my account is charged. I place 120f a month for electricity. I want to change my flat, but I cannot give the meter reading to settle the arrears
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    What is the reason you cannot read the meter properly - you reason will influence our advice?

    EDIT just realised this is a very old post that just appeared in the unanswered question section.
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